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Psychological services for internationally adopted children
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Psychological Assessment Outcomes

Clinical report that shall provide the foundation for the following:
  • DSM-5 and ICD-10 – based differential diagnosis or diagnoses.
  • Educational classification (a designation of existing educational handicapping condition(s), according to current special education legislation), if needed.
  • Recommendation for an appropriate school placement (the basis for your decision on general vs. special, public vs. private, specialized vs. mainstream placement).
  • Defined level of instruction (grade-wise in relation to core academic subject).
  • Recommendation for school-based supportive services (specific services with a ratio, frequency, group size).
  • Recommendation for classroom accommodations (specific to disability and needs).
  • Test taking modifications (specific to disability).
  • Promotional criteria (based on the current and expected level of functioning).
  • Extended school year (ESY) option, if needed.
  • Proper teaching and remedial methodology (specific teaching/remedial methodology aimed at individual educational needs).
  • Program modifications and support for school personnel (regarding internationally adopted children and the specificity of their educational needs).
  • Behavior modification program, designed for specific targeted behaviors, if needed.
  • Disability manifestation determination clause, if needed.
In-office consultation for the family to clearly understand these outcomes, the current psychological status and the near- and long-term perspectives for their child.


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