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Psychological services for internationally adopted children
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Masha Yaglom,
Certified Psychoanalyst

Bilingual Extension

Office in Manhattan: 80 East 11th street (799 Broadway), suite #529
Tel: (917) 476-3723

Office in Brooklyn: 775 Westminster road, Brooklyn NY, 11230
Tel: (718) 301-5327


I am a certified clinical social worker, psychoanalyst and psychologist with more than 25 years of clinical experience of helping children and adults.

As a bilingual and bicultural psychotherapist, I am familiar both personally and professionally with the emotional and behavioral difficulties that arise from having to negotiate different cultures and languages.
I specialize in helping families and individuals prepare psychologically for adoption, facilitating the transitional process that the whole family has to go through once the adoption is completed and helping adopted children adjust to their new family, new culture, new school etc. I have treated children with various diagnoses, and my knowledge of Russian cultural specifics has allowed me to help adoptive parents and their children bond in a healthy way.

For a number of years I coordinated a clinic that helped families and children of different cultures with parenting issues, adoptive difficulties, school problems etc. I have been a consultant to the Board of Education and to the Board of Jewish Education on adjustment issues of students from different cultures. I have taught and written about the adjustment difficulties and parenting concerns that have to do with migration and integration of one's own culture of origin with the culture of resettlement.



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