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Psychological services for internationally adopted children
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Combined Developmental, Neuropsychological and Educational Assessment

A combined developmental,
neuropsychological and psycho-
educational assessment conducted by
Dr. B. Gindis is recommended for a
exhibiting symptoms of certain
cognitive impairments (memory,
attention, comprehension, language
issues), behavioral problems or
emotional disturbance, the nature of
which needs to be understood to
develop a comprehensive remedial
program for this child. Our multifaceted
assessment includes developmental,
neuropsychological and psycho-
educational evaluation components; it establishes the diagnosis and provides detailed analysis of the neurological impairment in question as well as remedial programming and school-related educational recommendations for your child.

In such cases the child may typically live in the adoptive family for several years already, has completely lost the native language and speaks fluent English, demonstrates significant issues in varies psychological domains, continues to lag behind developmentally or exhibits difficulties with specific cognitive and educational tasks. At this point these problems cannot be explained any longer within typical "The child needs to learn more English" approach; the real neurological roots of the issues must be found to address them and find the ways to compensate for them.

Expected outcomes of the assessments (recommendations for programming and services):

  1. Educational classification (a designation of existing educational handicapping condition(s), according to current special education legislation), if needed.
  2. Appropriate school placement (a rational for general versus special, public versus private, specialized versus mainstreamed placement, etc.).
  3. Defined level of instruction (grade level for the core academic subjects).
  4. School-based supportive services (specific services with the ratio, frequency and group size recommendations).
  5. Classroom accommodations (specific to disability and needs).
  6. Test taking modifications (specific to disability and needs).
  7. Promotional criteria (based on the current and expected level of functioning).
  8. Extended school year (ESY) option, if needed.
  9. Proper teaching and remedial methodology (this is the most important part, in essence, the core of recommendations with the specific teaching/remedial methodology, aimed at individual educational needs).
  10. Behavior modification program, designed for specific targeted behaviors, if needed.
  11. Disability manifestation determination clause, if needed.
  12. Program modifications and support for school personnel (regarding internationally adopted children and the specificity of their educational needs).

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Helpful information about the neuropsychological assessment and preparation for it


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