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Psychological services for internationally adopted children
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Preadoption Service  

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  • Review of medical records, developmental history, videotapes and photos of a prospective adoptee of 3 years and older is done by a bilingual child psychologist.

  • The parents are provided with a telephone consultation about the child and/or a written report.

  • If requested, the verification of accuracy of the original medical and educational documents' translation, the specific Russian medical and psychological terminology interpretation, and translation of the background comments on the videotape are performed.

As travel preparation, please read:


At your request we review the original (in Russian language) or translated medical records and videotape of your child. The intent of our report is to interpret and explain medical and developmental data as they appear in the records and video you provided. When required, we check the completeness and accuracy of the translation. We attempt to comment on the risk associated with certain medical conditions indicated in the record and/or observed on the video. Our goal is to provide you with objective professional information to the best of our professional expertise.
Please be advised that the scope of our report is limited and solely based on information given to us by you. We cannot be responsible for the completeness, accuracy, and correctness of the medical records provided to us. This consultation is no substitute for a thorough "hands-on" evaluation. Therefore, you should not expect us to draw conclusive determinations regarding the child's current status and future level of psychological functioning.

An appointment is required for this service. The procedure is as follows:

1. Call the office to talk to an assistant about the scope of this service and costs. You may be instructed to:

  • Send us a copy of related documents by regular mail; enclose a check for the service as determined during the telephone call.
  • If available, upload your digital video/audio files to the Internet depository, the address of which and instructions for upload will be given to you at the time of telephone conversation.

2. On receiving all necessary initial information from you, Dr. Gindis will send you an email confirmation with a couple of time slots, available for the telephone consultation.

3. Choose the time of this consultation and confirm it.

4. Call in at the arranged time.

Please note:

  • We accept copies of your medical records and tapes and do not return them to you.
  • Please allow five (5) business days for processing. We will do our best to respond earlier to accommodate your circumstances, but we do not accept "emergency" referrals.


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