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Psychological services for internationally adopted children
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In-office psychological consultation
on the child's developmental status


This is indeed a family consultation, not a full evaluation or formal screening usually required by the school district. During your office visit Dr. Gindis will:

  • Estimate your child's developmental status (cognitive, language, and academic functioning, presence of possible developmental delays and disabilities;
  • Advise you of any needs for remediation in these domains;
  • Interpret medical and/or educational documents related to the child;
  • Determine the need for a full or specialized assessment in case the child is adopted;
  • Instruct you, if necessary, on the steps you need to take to obtain a full developmental psycho-educational assessment, specialized assessment, or screening (whichever applies) through your school district after finalizing your adoption;
  • Answer your questions and address your current concerns;
Please be aware of certain limitations of this consultation, particularly in respect to long-term emotional/behavioral issues (e.g.: attachment or post-traumatic stress disorder). Some of your questions and concerns can be addressed only by a full length or specialized (e.g.: speech and language) examination.

This consultation will result in an oral presentation of findings and recommendations. No written report is provided, but you may tape or make notes during this visit.

Depending on your child's age and presented issues, this consultation can take up to four hours. Consultation appointments are scheduled on weekday mornings. For out-of-state parents and as an exception, weekend appointments are available.
Online course JSBG1 - Hosting Orphans From Abroad
is available for preparation to hosting of an older child from a foreign orphanage


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