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If you look for professional advice from a child psychologist experienced in a wide range of developmental, cognitive, and school-related issues of internationally adopted children, you can request a telephone consultation with Dr. Gindis. The range of problems for a consultation is unique for each caller. You may:
  • Need professional advice on a particular topic (certain behavior patterns, specific school difficulty of your child, appropriateness of or necessity for a certain remedial service in school, etc.);
  • Want to discuss general strategies or specific tactics in your ongoing struggle with your school district;
  • Want to share your concerns, alleviate your anxiety, and get a "green" or "red" light to proceed with certain actions;
  • Need to select an appropriate school for your child;

An appointment is required for this service. The procedure is as follows:

1. Call the office to talk to an assistant about the scope of this service and costs. You may be instructed to:
  • Send an email to Dr. Gindis with the range of specific questions you are looking to clarify
  • Send us a copy of related documents by regular mail

2. On receiving all necessary initial information from you, Dr. Gindis will send you an email confirmation with a couple of time slots, available for the telephone consultation

3. Choose the time of this consultation and confirm it

4. Call in at the arranged time

5. The bill will be sent out to you after the telephone consultation. The bill is based on the actual time, spent during the consultation, the time for reading of your documents and preparing to this consultation, and the time for written summary, if it was requested. (1.5 to 3 hours total time average).

Remember that you will be talking to a developmental/school psychologist and remediation specialist, so, concentrate on the relevant questions, setting aside medical, legal, or financial questions.



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