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Carol E. Napier
School Psychologist, MA/AdvCert

Bilingual Extension

Office: 13 South Van Dyke Ave., Airmont, NY 10901

Tel: (845) 533-4300


Language: English and Spanish

I have been a New York State certified bilingual school psychologist for twenty-three years. For three years, I worked and received tenure in New York City Manhattan High Schools. Simultaneously, I provided per session bilingual psychological assessments there during after school hours. My longest assignment was at a public high school with an 80% Spanish-speaking student population. For the subsequent twenty years, I have worked in a suburban public high school and served as the only bilingual school psychologist in the district. In that role, I have completed bilingual psychoeducational evaluations of young people of all ages, from five to nineteen years old. In addition, I have trained my colleagues and given workshops at a BOCES in culturally sensitive evaluations of English language learners. During the past fourteen years, I have also been employed as a consultant for the Native Language Assessment Service of the Ulster BOCES, evaluating hundreds of students from a wide variety of Spanish-speaking countries and advising their parents. I also taught a graduate-level course in Research at Lehman College to bilingual special educators.

I routinely complete assessments in both Spanish and English, including the following:

  • In-depth social histories with parents and/or social workers
  • Cognitive functioning
  • Academic abilities in both languages
  • Adaptive behaviors
  • Screening for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Social-emotional functioning
  • Threat assessment

Over the years, my services have also included school-based IEP-mandated counseling, bereavement and crisis counseling, parent and professional consultations, safe schools programs, and both group and individual counseling in both languages.

I earned a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, while I was an acquisitions editor of college textbooks during my first career. Recognizing that I needed to work in a helping profession, I went back to university studies and completed the Advanced Certificate in Clinical School Psychology at the City College in New York City, and was certified by the state in early 1987. After six months of employment, I was granted the bilingual extension, and have functioned as a bilingual school psychologist ever since. In my travels, I have taken cultural immersion programs in Mexico (8 weeks), Puerto Rico (6 weeks), the Dominican Republic (3 weeks), and Spain (4 weeks).

When I am not working, I often volunteer as a Direct Care Volunteer for the United Hospice of Rockland. In that capacity, I have been assigned Spanish-speaking patients and their families on several occasions.

My experience, training, love of the Spanish language, and concern about English language learners gives me much to offer families and their adopted Spanish-speaking children.



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