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L. Carol Zelaya
School Psychologist, M.Ed., Ed.S.

Bilingual Extension

Office: 11024 North, 28th Drive, Suite 200, Phoenix, Arizona 85029

Tel: 845-596-6711


Language: Fluent in English and Spanish

I am a Bilingual School Psychologist with eight years of experience working in the US school system, including large, ethnically diverse, urban school districts in Chicago, IL, Buffalo, NY, and currently in Phoenix, AZ.

I was trained in child development and adolescent psychology, and specialized in conducting initial screenings and evaluations for children of Hispanic/Latino background. I do school psycho-educational assessments, diagnosing and classifying children for the special education system and services and provide consulting services to other psychologists and school staff throughout the Phoenix school district on multicultural psychological assessment. I have working knowledge of educational law, the special education system, and the general education curriculum to provide the best practices and services for culturally and linguistically diverse children. As a native Spanish speaker born in Honduras who has lived in the US over 20 years and became a US citizen, I am a bilingual/bicultural clinical practitioner knowledgeable about Latin American cultures. Such personal background has afforded me an insider perspective for addressing the particular needs of children from Latin America.

I have double Master's degrees, one in School Psychology and another as an Educational Specialist (related to Educational Psychology) from Loyola University-Chicago. In addition, I have a bilingual certification from the State of New York pertaining to multicultural psychological issues that officially sanctions me to perform multilingual/multicultural screenings and assessments with children from different cultures, including Latin American. My training covers the following areas:

  • Acculturation levels
  • Racial/ethnic identity
  • Language development
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling
  • Bilingualism
  • Cultural behavior patterns and adaptive Functioning
This academic training and practical experience are needed for multicultural evaluations and treatment plans of adopted children and children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. My rigorous academic training, extensive psychometrics experience, personal background, and dedicated commitment and passion for the well-being of children help me immensely in meeting the developmental and learning needs of multicultural and linguistically diverse children and in addressing the concerns of their families and instructors.



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