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    Problem Screening and referral
    Free telephone consultation on the appropriate for your child resources and services available at the BGCenter.
    Screening for school placement and services on arrival
    Initial psycho-educational evaluation in the native Russian or Ukrainian language of your internationally adopted child for the determination of proper school placement and services.
    Telephone Consultation with Child Psychologist
    A telephone consultation on specific issues of your internationally adopted child.

    Disability Manifestation Determination
    Disability manifestation determination and remedial program development for an internationally adopted child at school.

    Second opinion service
    The opinion of a specialist on the quality and shortcomings of your internationally adopted child's previous assessments and records.

    Combined Developmental, Neuropsychological and Educational Assessment
    A comprehensive evaluation of an internationally adopted child for obtaining special education services or for the purpose of special education or private school placement. A comprehensive remedial program for this child is created.
Dr. Boris Gindis

Parental Techniques and Counseling for Adoptive Families
Jeltje Simons can help you with developing the right day-to-day parental skills to set the needed structure and healthy relations with your kids, to regulate communications and help your post-institutional child to fit into your family.

Jeltje Simons


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