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Psychological services for internationally adopted children
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Dr. Boris Gindis
Cource BG3 - Psycho- Educational Screening
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Initial Psycho-Educational Screening, Full Assessment, and Specialized Assessment
of an Internationally Adopted Child

For most parents (no matter from which country their children have been adopted)
it's now obvious that some kind of psycho-educational evaluation is a must
for a newly internationally adopted child of 3 years and older.
The evaluation allows the detection of potential psychological, educational, and language-related problems at the very beginning, before time is lost, and the child can be assessed in the language which he or she understands now, but will lose shortly.

But what exactly is to be done? When? What can be expected? Should the school be involved in this evaluation? What specialist would be most appropriate for the job?

If you want to know the answers for these and many other related questions, this course is for you.

Instructor Dr. B. Gindis

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