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Psychological services for internationally adopted children
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The first year home is a critical period for parents and their internationally adopted child. The first year home offers first opportunity for the parent-child relationship to flower and for trust to grow.

Through case studies you will learn how to nurture a child who resists nurturing. Some resist obviously and forecefully; others resist in subtle, even silent ways. Examples include children adopted in infancy and toddlerhood as well as those adopted from five to ten years of age. Each case study provides you with the parenting tools you need to make your first year home a success.

If you are beyond the first year home, don't despair. This course will provide you with insights and strategies to turn things around when your child has difficulties.

This course is like no other information about internationally adopted children: it tells you not only how to understand your child's behavior, it shows you how to correct it.

The class contains examples that extend the text of the book "Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child", written by the author of this course.

Patty Cogen, Ed.D

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