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Newsletter #87 for Internationally Adopting Parents
April 24, 2008
PAL Center Inc.

More Workshops Ahead!

Cape Cod Adoption Network Workshop
Adoption and Education
for Parents and Professionals

Dr. Gindis will be available for private consultations with the participants of this conference
on Saturday, May 3

More Information

BGCenter and PAL Center participate in

Families with Children from China, NY
Chinese Culture Day

Saturday May 17, 2008
10 am - 5 pm

CRRNJ Terminal at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ

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Sara-Jane Hardman and Jean Mauro, LCSW
Why we need to attach
We hear so much today about the words “attachment”, “attachment disorder” or, even more frightening, “Reactive Attachment Disorder,” “RAD.” Yet we rarely see a clear explanation of what this is or what consequences it has on an individual’s life.

Civita Dyer
Daddy dearest: three types of dads and how to deal with them
Co-parenting can benefit all parties involved, provided you're willing to do what it takes to make the arrangement work. Of course, not all fathers are created equal. A co-parenting style that works for one type of Dad may not be as effective with another. Here are the top three types of Dads and guidelines for dealing with each.

Theresa Twogood
Coming to a school near you soon
The local Bisbee, Arizona school board voted this week to include condoms in the "prom gift bags" it plans to give away to teenagers at this year’s annual prom dance. By a 4-1 majority the local school board decided it would be a good idea and would give their official blessing. All but one member, Millicent Kasun voted to go ahead and include pictures frames, candles, mints, and two (not one but two) condoms in this year’s ‘prom gift bags’. What a wonderful display of tax dollars at work-Don’t you agree?

Pam Jameson
Are ADHD vitamins beneficial for treating ADHD?
Omega-3 and some other common supplements (collectively known as ADHD vitamins by some) may be used by doctors to treat ADHD.

Sarah Mcdermott
Your children's table manners while on holiday
Teaching kids table manners is as important when you’re at home as when you’re on holiday, but there’s something about being in a strange place amongst strangers that makes bad table manners stand out glaringly. You don’t want fellow travelers and restaurant guests to think disparagingly of your kids. Make sure your kids have some basic table manners in place before you introduce them to restaurants. Room service is always an option, but there will be times out sightseeing when you’ll need to make a quick tuck stop.

Internet Digest

The Things That People Say…

Posted by Laura
The things that people say…
If he were old enough to understand me but not old enough to notice the stares and blatant pointing, I would have skipped the whole first part and stuck with the “Excuse me, do you mind if I squeeze by you?” thing. If he were old enough to understand me and old enough to notice the stares and pointing, I’m not sure what I would have done.

Posted by Dawn
She’s so cute
The other day a woman asked me how she should respond when people commented on the cuteness of her three year old daughter adopted from China. She believed that these comments could be harmful for her daughter because they are highlighting that she looks different and single her out as adopted.


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