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Newsletter #116 for Internationally Adopting Parents
August 13, 2009 PAL Center Inc.

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    Boris Gindis, Ph.D.
    School readiness and school placement of a newly adopted post-institutionalized child
    Which grade to place an internationally adopted school age child on arrival? The answer to this question may have many consequences for the child and

    Deanna Mascle
    Preparing your child cognitively to read
    The ultimate goal of reading instruction is to enable children to understand what they read, so
    reading instruction has to be about more than simply matching letters
    and sounds -- it also has to be about connecting words and meaning.

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Internet Digest

School Anxiety
(and Internet resources to help you deal with it)

School is a huge factor in the older adopted child's life, with a lot of additional stresses to cope with and often a lack of language to explain things in a way that is not embarrassing or properly understood by peers. And there are TV, Internet, games and other distractions to deal with. The parents need to be aware of proper transition time necessary for any child to "change gears."

Marcie Pickelsimer
Sleep tips for adopted children
All children need help learning to fall asleep, stay asleep, and learning to self soothe if they wake during the night, as we won't always be there for them.

Susan M. Ward
Challenges: When older adopted children won't go to bed
She would get wild in the bath. Run around the house when I was trying to put her pajamas on. Scream and yell when I tried to get her into bed. Leap out of her bed, run up and down the stairs, and jump from one piece of furniture to the next…

Dawn Sticklen
Back-to-school for middle school adopted children
While most children look forward to returning to their friends and a more rigid routine, many are filled with anxiety about starting a new year, and perhaps even a new school. Often this stress is most prominent in the middle school-aged child

China News Wrap
Too much Internet for your child?
Chinese experts debate the nature of Internet addiction

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