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Newsletter #69 for Internationally Adopting Parents
August 16, 2007
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Initial Psycho-Educational
of preschool and school age

Children from China In the Native Language
is now available
Psychological services at the Center for Cognitive-developmental Assessment and Remediation
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New Russian Speaking Specialist in the
BGCenter Bilingual Extension

I. Jeltova Ph.D.

specializes in

family and child therapy:
Behavioral Issues,
Parental Techniques for Positive Behavior Management

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Meryl Gorman
Help me teach math to my child
For some students, math can feel like it flies right over head in spite of a child making a committed effort to learn. One of the best ways a parent can assist their child in math, is to find the 'level of entry' for each and every concept a child takes on. This can vary from concept to concept.

Chris Robertson
Tutoring services: five tips for choosing the best
How do you make an informed decision about which tutoring service to use? Here are five tips for choosing the best.

Susan Lewis
How to build your child's self esteem
For any parent who has ever entered a child's room in the morning to find the mattress, bedclothes, and child sopping wet, you know how frustrating the topic of bedwetting can be. For most young children, this happens in isolated, rare instances; however, for some, chronic bedwetting is a real problem. Thankfully, the use of a bedwetting alarm can ensure that accidents become a thing of the past.

C. Dunn
It is not impossible to adapt to adoption
Adapting to adoption can be difficult, but it's not impossible.

Roberto Bell
Are chat rooms a menace to your children?
Are chat rooms a menace to your children? My answer would be: yes, with qualifications.

From Our Database

Preparing to Begin a New School Year

Here are several older publications and presentations by Dr. Boris Gindis that can help your child start a school year from the right footing:

School readiness and school placement of a newly adopted post-institutionalized child
What is school readiness and why every parent of an internationally adopted child should be concerned with it at all?

Presentation 6: How to request a bilingual evaluation for your school age child
A bilingual psycho-educational evaluation of a child on arrival is difficult to overestimate: it can help avoid a lot of future problems for the child and the family: you can rule out learning disability in the native language (or confirm it) and measure the actual developmental and educational status of your child before the native language disappeared and the process of learning of the new language can interfere. Your child may become eligible for the additional (special education services) from the very beginning without waiting for years when the problems escalate and the child is acknowledged as having problems and can at last be tested in the English language. The question is: can the parents have it done with the help of their local education system, rather than paying for the evaluation themselves?

Presentation 7:Test accommodations for IA children
Students with disabilities who have educational handicapping conditions, are protected by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and must be provided with appropriate accommodations necessary to participate in these tests. This provision of the federal law has specific value for children who not only have an educational handicapping condition, but also have "atypical" educational background being internationally adopted pos-institutionalized children.


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