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December 20, 2007
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It Never Hurts to Listen to a Good Advice

Phoebe Tiangson
Tired of your kids whining throughout your hard-earned vacation?
Despite our best intentions, family vacations can sometimes be less than perfect. Tired of hearing your teen (or spouse) complain about visiting yet another museum, frustrated your 4-year-old’s afternoon meltdowns are beginning to happen at 10 am? While every family is indeed different, you can take some simple steps to help avoid some of the frustration from past family vacations.

Kristine Gonzaga
Providing babies with teething pain relief
Teething in babies is normally accompanied by slight pain and discomfort caused by the new teeth. Although this is normal, teething pain can disrupt your baby's routine and cause long periods of crying and being irritable. This article provides some tips on how you can provide your baby with simple and easy teething pain relief.

Wyatt Doolittle
Going to the dentist
Preparing your child for his first appointment with the dentist will greatly take away any fear or apprehension he might have. Consequently, by making his first visit a happy experience, you will have erased any bad images he had of dentists. This will make future visits a relatively uneventful experience.

Abbey Grace Yap
How To Keep Your Teenagers Smoke-Free
Teenagers have different reasons on why they smoke early. This article lists tips on how to get your children to avoid getting into the smoking habit.

Internet News Digest

Can an Adopted Child Be Returned?

Barclay Crawford
Couple give up child adopted 7 years ago
The diplomat and his wife handed the girl over to the Social Welfare Department last year. The case has prompted appeals to find new parents for the child among the Korean community in Hong Kong, and comes amid international debate about families adopting children from other cultures.

Can an Adopted Child Be Returned?
Every child is a gift, as the saying goes. But in a case that has stoked outrage on two continents, a Dutch diplomat posted in Hong Kong has been accused of returning his eight-year-old adopted daughter like an unwanted Christmas necktie.

Jae Ran Kim
It's not too late to take action, even after 40 years

People all over the world are talking about the return of an adopted Korean child by a Dutch diplomat and his wife.

Christine Y. Chen
Someone strip this guy of diplomatic immunity
This is a total disgrace. They think they can just cast aside a girl they've "raised" since she was only 4 months old? I'm not trying to belittle the possibility that Jade did indeed have emotional problems. But there are other ways of dealing with troubled adoptees.


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