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Newsletter #121 for Internationally Adopting Parents
December 3, 2009 PAL Center Inc.


BGCenter Opens its
West Coast Office -
the BGCenter-West!

Dr. B. Gindis
will travel between offices and
provide services in both Centers

opens in cooperation with
Leaps and Bounds
Pediatric Therapy Center

at 1760 E Pecos Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85296

Please call the main number at
for the advanced scheduling
in both locations

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My Child is a Liar

Josephine Cohn
Body Language of a Liar
There is no question that we don't like liars. Telling untruths is a very improper habit and what starts out as lies over slight issues shortly starts into lies on the more critical things in life. If you determine one of your house members or your friends has this habit of stating lies, continue reading this article to find out more regarding lying disorder and how to recognize various liar body languages.

Dr. Jennifer Baxt, DMFT, NCC, DCC
Is your child a compulsive liar?
It is natural for kids to lie on occasion, but to lie all the time for no reason can cause concern and trouble for the parents. If left untreated, it can cause unrest in the family because trust is broken. No one wants to think that their child is a compulsive liar, but there are some who are.

Bryan Post, PhD, LCSW
How to Overcome Your Child's Lying: Three Step Lying Solution
I once received a phone call from a distraught parent, “My fourteen-year-old son lies non-stop about everything. It’s so bad that if he keeps this up, we’ve threatened to send him to boot camp!” As well as lying, the child had been skipping class and wrestling practice;

Internet Digest

Sue Watson
Chronic Lying. How Can You Help?
Understanding why a child lies and what you can do about it. This child is often caught up in 'distorting the truth'. Do not let lying become a habit.

Michael Price
Liar, liar, neurons fire

Children's early attempts to lie are laughably inept, but researchers are learning a lot about their transition into lying pros.

New classes will open soon at the BGCenter Online School

Online class PC1
The first year home: What to expect and how to respond

Dr. Patty Cogen, the author of the book
Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child--from your first hours together through the teen years.

Online class SJM1
Adopting a Child From Birth
to Three Years Old

Jean Roe Mauro, LCSW and Sara-Jane Hardman, the authors
of the book

If I love my kid enough

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