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Newsletter #49 for Internationally Adopting Parents
February 22, 2007
PAL Center Inc.

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Consultation #1
Eligibility of international adoptees for the Special Education services

Dr. Boris Gindis

How to request a bilingual evaluation for
your school age child

A bilingual psycho-educational evaluation of a child on arrival is difficult to overestimate. It can help avoid a lot of future problems for the child and the family. You can rule out learning disability in the native language (or confirm it) and measure the actual developmental and educational status of your child before the native language disappeared and the process of learning of the new language can interfere. Your child may become eligible for the additional (special education services) from the very beginning without waiting for years when the problems escalate and the child is acknowledged as having problems and can at last be tested in the English language.

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Marie Dunleavy
The Truth About Common Special Needs Misconceptions
Parenting and teaching special needs children is a satisfying and rewarding experience. But this may not be true to some parents and teachers who are still blinded by the common misconceptions in dealing with a special child. Here are the top three common misconceptions and the truth about them.

Marie Dunleavy
Classroom Management Techniques For Obsessive-Compulsive Students
Even at school, children with OCD behaviors must be given extra love, patience, and understanding to help them achieve their full potential. To ensure a successful learning experience, teachers must employ strategic classroom and teaching management plans that deal with special needs children. Because these children have special needs, they need special education.

Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW
How important is consistency really?
Separated parents may take issue with each other if there are any differences in parenting style, expectations or structure.
Separated parents... stop fighting!

The Internet Safety Advocate
Child Predators: Waiting, Watching, and Engaging on Social Networking Sites
MySpace and other social networking sites offer thriving communities where young people engage in countless hours of banal chatter and photo sharing. Not coincidentally, these social networking sites also have become hangouts for child predators, child pornographers, and other cybercriminals.

Questions and Answers

Dr. Boris Gindis answers your questions:
Q. I adopted a 3 year old who does not sleep. Do you have any publications on sleep for toddlers?

A. You may consider consulting with a pediatrician at this point as psychological evaluation in many cases is less productive than medical until the child is 3.5-4 years old. If may very well be an adjustment issue, so try to avoid any over-stimulation, set up a routine for going to bed and stick to it.

Here are several articles from the International Adoption Articles Directory. They are experience-based rather than scientific data, but they may give you something to think about too.


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