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Newsletter #168 for Internationally Adopting Parents
February 4, 2014
PAL Center Inc.

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    B. Gindis Ph.D.
    Difficulties with socialization and peer interaction in older internationally adopted children
    Socialization implies accepting, either consciously or subconsciously, the values, attitudes, norms, social roles and styles of interaction that are prevalent in the group. In this article I discuss difficulties of IA children in the process of gaining the knowledge, social skills, and appropriate language that allow for integration into a peer group.

    Jeltje Simons
    One boy who called an orphanage home
    Removing a child from the only place they have ever known, their home - an orphanage - is exciting for the new parents, but it is an overwhelming experience for the child.

    Jeltje Simons
    Finding an Extra-Curriculum Activity for an Adopted Child
    I was looking for activities where my son could play and be together with his peers. I tried several and here were the first experiences mixing with children in different activities.

    Jeltje Simons
    Preventing Tantrums
    Tantrums are quite common in adopted children even long after they have passed the toddler years, and this behaviour can be tricky to deal with. But there are ways to manage your child's behavior that work.

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Looking Back at Events in Russian Adoption

Tina Traster
Who Would Give Up an Adopted Child?
This wrenching story is the tale of one couple's decision to re-home their adopted Russian daughter.

Tina Traster
Are Adoptive Parents Who Give Up on Children Uncaring or Unprepared?
It's horrifying to read about the black market for "re-homing" internationally-adopted children. The insider's understanding of why it is so difficult to raise an adopted child.

Tina Traster
Eastern Promises and Western Realities of Adoption
Memoir writer Tina Traster brings to life other parents' stories about raising Russian-adopted children.

Tina Traster
Adoptive American Parents of Russian Children Don't Deserve The Heat
American parents of Russian-adopted children don't deserve the heat they have received from Putin.


The latest article of Dr. Gindis is now also available in a different format at Internationally adopted children: Managing socialization and peer interaction

20th Adoption and The Family Conference at AMETZ
on March 23, 2014

The former comprehensive course PARENT PREPARATION PROGRAM FOR ADOPTING A CHILD FROM RUSSIA will be updated for preparation to adoption from any country in mid-February. On request, we will reissue the Certificates of Completion of the students who completed it in the past to reflect the changes.

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