Newsletter #1 for Internationally Adopting Parents
January 15, 2006
PAL Center Inc.

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International Adoption Articles Directory
is a new specialized directory of high quality articles for internationally adopting parents and industry professionals. It accepts articles only on international adoption issues: special need kids, research and statistics, assessment and services for adoptees, parenting and advice, health and education, pre-adoption issues and much more. All unrelated to international adoption articles are rejected.

The published articles are ready for downloading, printing and reprinting on other sites, provided the links to the source of information and author's references are kept intact. The authors are invited to publish their contact info and service description to help readers identify appropriate resources.

The Directory is a free service to adoptive parents and adoption professionals, readers and publishers alike. The articles are classified into categories and will stay in the directory indefinitely, easy to find, easy to read. No time-consuming search is necessary.

Latest articles
from the leading authors of
International Adoption Articles Directory

Boris Gindis, Ph.D.
The Second Glance at Institutional Autism in Internationally Adopted Children

George Rogu M.D.
Reader's Questions on Children with Small Head Size - Microcephaly

Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW
Assessing and Managing School-Age Children with Behavioral Problems

Alla Gordina, MD, FAAP
“Safe Arrival” - Car seat safety for internationally adopted children

Arthur Becker-Weidman, Ph.D.
Reactive Attachment Disorder Checklist


Preparing to the spring and summer
hosting seasons

For the second year the Center for Cognitive-Developmental Assessments & Remediation offers psychological consultations on developmental status of the hosted children to the agencies and parents, participating in such programs.

This service has already proved to be helpful and reassuring to the hopeful parents, supportive - to the programs' administration, and .... entertaining for the kids, who are pleased with the undivided personal attention of the adults, speaking their language, playful atmosphere, and prizes for the good performance during the consultation. The parents can expect to have a lot of questions answered.       Read more

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The Bgcenter Online School is also ready for the new hosting season, offering an extensive online course Hosting Orphans From Abroad as preparation for living with and managing older institutionalize children, coming into their families for 2-3 weeks. Hosting an institutionalized child is an adventure, for which one can't come unprepared. These children are different: they all have some traumatic experience in their past, they do not have dedicated adults who would comfort them in time of need, - they are survivors. A trip to an other country, given their very structured and controlled lives in the orphanages, the encounter with new people and the entirely new world, would be a stressful situation for anyone, but for these children it is simply an event of a life time, and they may react very differently. To help you better understand and know how to act in different situation, be proactive and take a course. Bgcenter Online School offers an online class for those who need a certificate of completion as proof of preparation or CD course for those, who would rather have a flexible time for preparation and are not interested in a certificate. In both cases the content of the course is the same, and in both cases you will need an Internet connection to read/print out the material.