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Newsletter #81 for Internationally Adopting Parents
January 31, 2008
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New Book

Sara-Jane Hardman &
Jean Roe Mauro LCSW

(Jean Mauro provides therapy for children and families at the BGCenter and at her private office)

The Reality of Raising An Adopted Child

Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Adopted English Language Learners (ELLs)

Dr. Gindis
will present for parents and educators of internationally adopted children on
February 29 - March 1, 2008
Michael's Banquet Facility
4885 Southwestern Blvd.
Hamburg, New York 14075


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Bonnie Foshee
Parenting the Strong-Willed Child and Keeping the Upper Hand
Do you have a child that you feel is trying to conquer the world? Does your child insist on having every thing his or her way? Parenting strong-willed children is a challenge that most parents are not prepared for. Here are some parenting tips and advice on dealing with strong-willed children.

Jennifer B. Baxt, LMHC LMFT
What is therapy?
Before understanding what therapy is about, one must first understand what the word means. As is the case with many medical terms, therapy was derived from a Greek term and is the attempt of treating a problem a patient is diagnosed with. In plain and simple terms, therapy means treatment. Treatment can take the form of certain prescriptions or exercises, depending on the problem.

Jennifer B. Baxt, LMHC LMFT
What is Counseling?
Counseling is where a professional will give advice, opinions or direction based on what the patient has discussed with them. In some ways, a counselor could almost be seen as a guide. Counseling is done in an informal and comfortable environment where the patient is free to discuss what bothers them. They are free to express their feelings and emotions to someone they know are listening to them.

Rcon Franchesca
Talking With Kids About Sex and Birth Control
Sex and sexual health are two topics young adults need more information on. However, the multitude of available information about these two are so varied that it is hard to distinguish which can be trusted or not. This article provides a guide for young adults about talking to their parents about sexual health and starting birth control to help them get the right information.

Internet Digest

The reality of raising an adopted child

Adoption Disruptions/Dissolutions Increase
I was physically abused but a 2 year old who was scared of everything around him, who was in constant sensory overload..

Pam Connel
Last Chance Ranch
There are many residential treatment programs for troubled children and teens, ranging from inpatient psychiatric units to wilderness adventures to boot camps. But to my knowledge, there is only one which is specifically focused on international adoptees. The Seattle Times recently ran a story, reported by Bonnie Miller Rubin of the Chicago Tribune, about The Ranch for Kids, a ranch in rural Montana currently housing 24 children who will stay for about six to twelve months. Some of these children have molested other children, stolen, vandalized and set fires. Most of them have fetal alcohol syndrome, a mental illness, or reactive attachment disorder-or all three.

Pat Wingert
When Adoption Goes Wrong
Most Americans who adopt children from other countries find joy. But others aren't prepared for the risks—and may find themselves overwhelmed.


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