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Newsletter #114 for Internationally Adopting Parents
July 16, 2009
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    Jean Roe Mauro, LCSW and Sara-Jane Hardman, the authors of the book
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Parenting Toddlers and Beyond

Connie Mckenzie
Being Prepared When You Decide to Adopt a Toddler
The article sums up how it feels to adopt a toddler in just one sentence: it is very rewarding, however it's not always a box of chocolates. Did you know that at least half of all adoptive parents are adopting a toddler for one reason or another?

Brian Hill
Dogs and Children Together Require Thought and Care
Your children and your dog can be best buddies, or there can be friction between the two. Both dog and child need to be trained to respect each other. Otherwise you will find yourself having to scold one, or the other, or both. Dogs and children can be a challenge.

Rokai Kamelon
How to Teach Your Kids to Say Please and Thank You
It’s appalling sometimes how bad people’s manners are. This includes kids-but it’s not limited to them. We also see adults who are rude and inconsiderate in their everyday dealings with other people. But there are also adults and kids out there who are courteous and polite, who treat others with respect even in difficult circumstances. What is the difference between these two groups? In most cases, the difference is that parents either taught them or didn’t teach them manners at home.

Phil Boren
Vital Parenting Help for Temper Tanrums Children Regularly Throw
A number of people suppose that temper tantrums get going at terrible 2s, but actually they can start before then and keep going all through school age if you do not handle them right.

Stain Leys
Getting Your Children To Brush Their Teeth
Getting your child to brush his or her teeth may seem like an impossible task. Many parents have tried many methods in order to convince their children of the benefits of brushing. For whiter teeth and a healthier smile, proper brushing is vital. In order to get your children to properly brush their teeth, you must begin a brushing routine early. The American Dental Association recommends that children begin brushing as soon as infanthood.

Internet Digest

Dianna Brodine
Adoption Attachment Issue or Normal Toddler Behavior?
As the mother of three girls, I've seen more than my share of fit throwing, crying jags, and pouting parties. Toddler drama comes with the territory, and over the years we've learned to deal with it, adjusting our strategy to meet the personality needs of each kid. Our youngest daughter is adopted, however, and we often find ourselves questioning her behavior issues. Are they adoption attachment issues or just normal toddler behavior?

Jerry Haag
Response to the movie 'Orphan': Hollywood demonizes the orphan in new horror movie


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