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Newsletter #84 for Internationally Adopting Parents
March 13, 2008
PAL Center Inc.


Dr. Gindis presents

    Q. How is SmartStart
    different from the Bright Start methodology?
    A. The difference between SmartStart and Bright Start is primarily in the fact that for the SmartStart you do not really need to be trained - the introduction of the first unit and brief explanations in the rest of the units are sufficient: these are every day, natural for a family life activities, which parents need to fill in with more cognitive content vs. what they would do and say without any programming.
    Bright Start is developed for the same age children, but less family oriented and requires a mediator training in this methodology implementation.

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Attachment Problems - Danish Scientist's Perspective

Niels Peter Rygaard is a Danish psychologist specialized in treating children with attachment disorder. His new book is called
Severe attachment disorder in childhood
A guide to practical therapy

Niels Peter Rygaard
A general introduction to attachment disorder
Society has not yet been very successful in finding ways to prevent Attachment Disorder in general or in developing successful therapeutic methods for the individual child. If the first relations in life have gone wrong, they seem to be very difficult to remedy later in life. Attachment seems to be a “window’, wide open from birth and gradually closing more or less towards age 3.

Niels Peter Rygaard
Therapy with adoptees in puberty
The background of these reflections is a number of therapies with a quite uniform content matter: the adopted child enters puberty, and the family experiences a number of serious conflicts to the surprise of those involved. These conflicts often contain the element of intense anger towards the adoptive parents, some times even violence. I have tried to convey some reflections on useful ways of understanding this chain of events, hoping that they can be useful for therapists when planning the therapeutic sessions.

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Michael Ball
On adopting older children internationally

Parent's perspective on language, food, sleep, and behavior regression of your child and your own patience...

Jim Taylor
Saving the world, one child at a time
Yet there remains controversy about the merits of international adoption...

Karen M. Lynch
Adopt a resilient attitude
Through adoption, you’ve been gifted a child of another race. Unfortunately, that gift often comes with a price: a litany of inappropriate comments and questions. But with some forethought, you’ll be prepared to respond to anything that comes your way.


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