Newsletter #18 for Internationally Adopting Parents
May 21, 2006
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Latest Articles
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International Adoption Articles Directory

Marie Pruden
Patience and leap of faith overcame infertility and fears of parenthood
The following is a candid and engaging speech presented by Marie Pruden. It describes her experience along with her husband's of adopting 3 international children. Marie was the guest speaker on April 26, 2006 in Westbury, Long Island, NY at the spring luncheon of the Nassau County Women's Division of the Salvation Army.

Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW
Can a child choose which parent to live with?
Children sometimes have their own view on living with a parent, but at what point does their view begin to carry weight...

Bryan Post, Ph.D., LCSW
The Earliest Trauma: The Unspoken Impact of Medical Trauma
Thousands of children every year are brought into the world in traumatic ways that often times are seldom discussed or processed following the event. Children who experience traumatic events as their first events of life are typically traumatized in two ways if not more...

From our database:
Why International Adoption?
A common question for adoptive parents has a complex answer:
It's right for me...
Each of us takes a slightly different path to adoption.
Some a decisive journey, others a twisting path of growth and discovery
and others an accidental visit to a web site...
John Wall, International adoption stories

The articles from our database below continue the motive of patience and leap of
faith, necessary for coping with many issues your children will come with
into your family.

Harriet White McCarthy
Failure to Thrive
When a newly arrived post-institutionalized child receives a diagnosis of Failure To Thrive, what does that really mean to his new parents and family? In older adoptees, a diagnosis like this can be devastating. Whereas most very young children with this diagnosis "grow out of it" quickly with good food and parental devotion, the damage done to an older child requires much more intensive therapy to overcome. This is the story of one child who came to America at age five years and received a diagnosis of Failure To Thrive. You will follow the progression of therapies from developmental pediatrician to Occupational Therapist to Psychologist and finally to school support.

Linda Busch, Ph.D.
Older Child Adoption: A Psychologist's Story of Love and Attachment
Dr. Linda Busch, clinical psychologist and expert in adoption and attachment, tells the story of how she and her husband came to adopt an 8 year old girl from Russia. Dr. Busch believes that most older adopted children are not attachment disordered, but simply need the same time and attention to attach as children raised with their biological parents. Dr. Busch combines self-reflection with her expertise as a psychologist to tell her beautiful story of older child adoption, and offers help and encouragement to adoptive parents struggling with attachment concerns.


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