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Newsletter #111 for Internationally Adopting Parents
May 28, 2009
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    The first year home: What to expect and how to respond

    Dr. Patty Cogen, the author of the book
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    Adopting a Child From Birth to Three Years Old

    Jean Roe Mauro, LCSW and Sara-Jane Hardman, the authors of the book
    If I love my kid enough

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Health Insurance, Parenting and Other Things

Tatyana Elleseff MA CCC-SLP
Speech Language services and insurance coverage: what parents need to know
When a child presents with speech and language deficits there are often several options that are available to parents when seeking services. Both, early intervention agencies (services at reduced cost) and school systems (services free of charge) provide speech language therapy services to children who qualify under a set of federal regulations and state education laws. Many hospitals also provide outpatient speech language services to children, though each facility has its own regulations regarding service provision, which may be significantly restricted.

Dan Morton
Parenting teenagers - 3 tips for a closer relationship
When parenting teenagers, the closeness of your relationship with your teen depends on one key skill - effective communications. I'm not talking about how well you as a parent can lecture your teen - on the contrary. Good communication skills are a two-way street - that means the parent must also listen effectively as well as talk.

Dan Morton
Blocking websites - keeping your child safe online
It's a fact that many parents today are blocking websites from their children's access, mainly to protect the children from adult websites and online predators. Most parents agree that blocking certain websites from their children's view is a good thing, and many tools now exist to help parents with this daunting task. Read about why and how to do it.

Pat Lee
Encouraging children to read more books
For the obstinate television watching child, a family reading hour is a great way to entice your children to read books. Start small. Give the entire family a half an hour to read their book and then twenty minutes or so to talk about what they are reading. Chances are, by the end of the first week, the kids will be requesting a few more minutes to finish their chapter or will even take the book into their bedroom to continue after family reading hour has concluded. Younger children will benefit from being read to from books for kids.

Internet Digest

Unconventional and unforgettable dads
Story Highlights

  • One man added eight kids to family after his wife died of cancer
  • Larry Shine started adopting so his son could have a sibling
  • He kept adopting because he couldn't say no to kids in need
  • Another dad sets up blog, foundation to help widows, widowers raising kids


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