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Newsletter #76 for Internationally Adopting Parents
November 21, 2007
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2nd Annual Commonwealth Adoption Conference

Facing a New Frontier:
Post-Adoption Educational and Developmental Issues in International Adoptees

January 12, 2008
Phoenix, AZ

Changes in the Initial Screening Procedure at BGCenter

In order to make room in our schedule and allow more children to go through the initial screening process, the BGCenter will differentiate this procedure in 2008:

For the children who are educationally at risk and will benefit from school placement below their age level, a written report is prepared, suitable for presentation to your school and/or referral to other specialists (as it was before).

For children who are found to be developing without significant delays and will catch up with their peers being placed at school according to their age, an oral consultation with the explanation of the screening findings and further recommendations may be an appropriate lower cost solution.

The parents can make their decision on the type of report/presentation they will need at the end of the screening procedure.
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Happy Thanksgiving to Our Readers!

Ellie Dixon
Overcoming Shyness in Children
It's hard to be certain whether a toddler's shyness is something that will remain with her during life, or if she's simply behaving like a normal child of this age. So, instead of worrying about her shyness, or trying to find a solution to it, try to find ways you can assist her to have good feelings about herself and others, and to feel happy about interacting socially with other adults and children.

Ellie Dixon
The Importance of Play in Early Learning
Parents don't always understand the importance of play , and in today's competitive world, the temptation is to stop your children "wasting time" and to put the time to what they believe is more constructive use. For a young child, there is no better use of time - read on and discover why.

Marina Neiman
Fun Way to Practice Motor Skills with Manipulative Maze Toys
When you are looking for a gift for a small child, remember that not only should your gift be fun, it should also be educational. Remember that it is never too early to start a child on the road to success and that there is more to education than just math and reading. Teaching your child fine motor control and patience are also wonderful ways to educate him, and in terms of these qualities, magnetic maze toys are a great place to start.

Internet News Digest

Artificial Twinning

It is natural for a younger adopted child to grow looking up to his older brother and receiving help from him as needed. It would be unnatural for both kids to be close in age and differ tremendously in
cultural and developmental aspects.

Harriet White McCarthy
Artificial Twinning
"Artificial Twinning" is a term used in domestic adoptions to describe the process of adopting two children at the same time who are less that nine months apart in age and biologically unrelated. Most domestic adoption and social welfare agencies prohibit the practice because it is so stressful to adopting parents and counter productive for the children. The only way to complete the adoption of "artificial twins" successfully is to work without official approval.

Lois Melina
When Parents Adopt Out of Birth Order
Conventional wisdom says not to adopt a child out of birth order. Yet there are many reasons why this choice may be right for you—and many ways to make it work.

Faith Allen
Artificial Twinning: Is it a Good Idea?
Many hopeful adoptive couples seek to adopt artificial twins through international adoption. Because there are so many children waiting to be adopted internationally, finding two children close in age to adopt is not hard to do.


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