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Psychological services for internationally adopted children
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Boris Gindis, Ph.D.

How to Identify and Address
School-related Issues in
Internationally Adopted Children

Workshop Outline
When and Where
How do the pre-adoption experiences of children relate to their school performance?
What in pre-adoption documentation is significant for school progress?
The manifestation of cognitive and academic delays in internationally adopted children of preschool and school age.
How to prepare for schooling before actual adoption: pre-adoption school visit, questions to ask, and arrangements to make.
How to determine the "school readiness" of a newly adopted child?
The best practices in evaluation of internationally adopted children: what parents should know about the types of school-related assessments, tests, and clinical procedures.
School-based remediation: appropriate placement, supportive services, teaching methodologies.
Home-based remediation: methods and organization.
Community based remediation: a review of existing major approaches to remediation of internationally adopted children.
Guidelines for creating a remediation plan for your child.

February 17

10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

The Lab School of Washington,
4759 Reservoir Road,
NW, Washington, DC 20007,

Tel: 202-237-7283

E-mail Jody Sciortino
for more details



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