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Psychological services for internationally adopted children
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Assessment and Tests
These questions and answers are specific to the internationally adopted post-institutionalized children.
Click on the questions below to read the answers given by Dr. Boris Gindis.
Why must a psycho-educational evaluation be done as soon as possible?
What are the differences in evaluations done by school psychologists, clinical psychologists, and neuropsychologists?
Do I have the right to request a damaging and inaccurate psychological or any other report be removed from my child's school record?
Are there any non-language assessments that could be given to our son?
Shall my son take a standardized achievement test?
Are there any tests that schools routinely perform that may help us pinpoint where my son's inabilities to process information correctly lie?
What does a psychological report consist of, and what kind of recommendations should I expect?
Will a psychological assessment be covered by my health insurance?
What information will a psychologist need for my child's appointment?
What should I tell my child to prepare him/her for a psychological assessment?
My school does not cooperate: I was told at school that my child does not qualify for the Learning Disabled classification you gave her because she has never been exposed to education. What can I do to obtain services for her under these circumstances?
Are the IQ tests like WISC and Stanford-Binet appropriate for IA children?
I was told that my child will not get LD classification because of "discrepancy formula": he had low IQ and low Achievement scores. Is that right?
What psychological tests do you recommend for the evaluation of internationally adopted children?


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