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Q: Will a psychological assessment be covered by my health insurance?

A: Psychological assessment is typically covered under the medical coverage of your insurance plan when your child is referred by a physician. Psychological assessment is usually covered if testing was conducted to establish a diagnosis as the basis for medical treatment, to evaluate the functional impact of a medical treatment (baseline testing), or to assist in selecting a treatment. For example, for some children the use of medication may be the best approach when behavior problems occur, while for other children the use of a behavior plan or psychotherapy is the best approach. Neuropsychological assessment is usually covered if your child has learning or behavior problems and a history of brain injury, or has a current medical problem that may be affecting brain development. Many insurance plans will require a letter from your child's physician, indicating the medical necessity of the assessment. Medical necessity means that the physician needs more information to help provide care for your child. Please note that most insurance plans will deny coverage for assessment, used to establish an educational diagnosis (e.g. learning disability). Medical insurance carriers view this as responsibility of the patient's school. However, coverage will often be provided if the question, prompting testing, is the relationship of the academic problem to some other medical problem or medical treatment.



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