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These questions and answers are specific to
the internationally adopted post-institutionalized children.
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Is it true that all former orphans have at least some attachment issues if adopted beyond infancy?
What is the "hallmark" of RAD, the core symptom of this disorder? Are there some symptoms that are more important than others?
Is there a way to determine that we are dealing with "attachment" issues versus vs. "adjustment" issues or just "temperament" issues?
Can RAD even be diagnosed in a child as young as two or three?
What is the appropriate time to wait and see if the child "settles in" before pursuing attachment therapy?
Is it possible for a "regular" clinician to determine during routine psychological testing, if the child has RAD when it is not an extreme case?
Is it possible to have most of the symptoms but in a milder form, for example, not to be aggressive?
In your opinion, is RAD overly diagnosed as the answer to every problem? How come that RAD is suddenly found in families after sometimes years of a child being a part of this family?
Is it possible to predict possible RAD in a pre-adoptive evaluation?
How to handle my child's extreme friendliness with strangers?


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