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Psychological services for internationally adopted children
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These questions and answers are specific to the internationally adopted post-institutionalized children. Click on the questions below to read the answers given by Dr. Boris Gindis.
What is the difference between FAS and FAE
In your opinion, what percentage of the kids in the orphanages is suffering from FAS/FAE?
Are there fewer chances of FAS in children in more remote areas further away from Moscow?
What are the major approaches in treating FAS-related difficulties?
I keep reading about FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME (FAS) and physical stigmata. Can you be specific as to what they are?
Do you know of anyone in the N area who specializes in treating children with FAS?
We read that it is almost impossible to diagnose FAS before the age of 2 years. Is that true?
Are there any measures we can take to minimize the chances of our child having been exposed to alcohol abuse?
Can't my daughter develop fetal alcohol related problems later?


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