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Language and its remediation
These questions and answers are specific to the internationally adopted post-institutionalized children.
Click on the questions below to read the answers given by Dr. Boris Gindis.
Why does the school district reject my son's speech pathologist's recommendations?
Does reading correlate at all with speaking at age appropriate levels?
Shall I use books, tapes, videos, etc. to prevent my daughter from losing her native language?
Would you recommend Fast ForWord program?
My wife and I speak different languages in the family. Is there anything you recommend to assure our
daughter's normal language development?
How should I deal with three languages in the family?
Is it possible to distinguish a significant language delay from a possible symptom of autism?
How to deal with internationally adopted children in the ESL class?
How can my son exit an ESL program if he fails reading and writing portions of the exit test?


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