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Q: Would you recommend Fast ForWord program?

A: Fast ForWord is a training program for individuals with language and reading problems. In an intensive series of interactive exercises using acoustically modified speech and speech sounds, Fast ForWord stimulates rapid language skill development as children learn to distinguish the various components of speech. As children move into the more challenging levels of training, the program encourages enhanced language awareness and comprehension. On average, the children with language problems may make up to a year of language gains after completion of the 4 - 8 week program.

The program consists of five 20-minute training sessions a day, five days a week, under the supervision of a Fast ForWord trained providers in private clinics and hospitals, public and private schools, or Fast ForWord Learning Centers. On-screen rewards for successful completion of training segments are supplemented with interesting token economy rewards, which are awarded with the achievement of the goals, determined in conjunction with the child and parents. The results from the exercises are analyzed daily and compared with the child's progress to date. The Fast ForWord professional/educator can access the child's historical data and interpretive summaries online, which can be shared with parents during scheduled consultations throughout the training. For more information, please go to their website at



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