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Q: How can my son exit an ESL program if he fails reading and writing portions of the exit test?

My 9 year old, adopted two years ago, is stuck in an ESL program, which is usually pushed as a good thing and may be OK for some kids, but there seems to be no benefit for my child and no way out. My son is pulled out from his classroom and often misses important instruction time and tests. A constantly changing schedule of these services is stressful for him: there are too many distractions and hardly any homework. He meets 2 of the criteria for exit from the ESL program (speaking and understanding), but fails reading and writing portions of the exit test. At this time he does not understand a single word in Russian, of course.

A: Please read my commentary on ESL for internationally adopted children in the article
Internationally adopted post-institutionalized students in an ESL class

There are also some practical steps I recommend in such situations, discussed in the Newsletter #98 Case study: ESL & Internationally Adopted Child



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