1. Will all children from foreign orphanages have ADD/ADHD?
  2. Is it ADHD or Hyperarousal?
  3. What is ADHD?
  4. How to manage ADHD?
  5. Internationally Adopted Child: Navigating Between PTSD, ADHD and DTD
  1. Does my child need a neuropsychological or psycho-educational assessment?
  2. Why is an initial developmental evaluation of IA child important?
  3. What is a Combined Developmental, Neuropsychological, & Educational Assessment?
  4. Are speech/language assessment and therapy covered by insurance?
  5. Why is experience with IA children so critical?
  6. Is a speech/language assessment in the child's birth language necessary?
  7. Case study: Testing Speech and Language with a Translator
  1. What is Attachment Disorder?
  2. Why is attachment so important?
  3. How does attachment begin?
  4. How to know if the child is attaching securely?
  5. Are there any "attachment activities"?
    & Autistic-like Behavior
  1. Does institutional autism exist?
  2. What is institutional behavior?
    Behavioral Issues
  1. What should I foresee adopting older child from abroad?
  2. How should I deal with my child's public tantrums?
  3. Post-Orphanage Behavior in Internationally Adopted Children
  4. Is there any way to prevent tantrums?
    Emotions & Developmental Trauma
  1. Will early trauma have any lasting impact?
  2. What are Developmental Delay and Developmental Trauma?
  3. What is non-organic Failure To Thrive Syndrome?
  4. Will the child with Failure to Thrive diagnosis recover?
  5. Why does my child still have difficulties with socialization and peer interaction after many years in the family?
  1. Will an IA child benefit from ESL class?
  2. How to help my child exit from his ESL program?
  1. What is the psychological profile of IA children with FAS?
  2. Do cognitive abilities decline in FAS children?
  3. What are long-term outcomes for FAS children?
  4. Is there anything specific about FAS in IA children?
  5. Can FAS be established if the mother's condition was not documented?
    Initial Adjustment
  1. What can be expected during the adjustment period?
  2. How to resolve behavior issues with newly adopted children?
  1. Are internationally adopted children bilingual?
  2. What is so special about English language learning by IA kids?
  3. Why do IA children lose their native language so quickly?
  4. Can we improve my IA child's language skills?
  5. What are the signs of speech and language delay in IA children?
    Learning Issues
  1. Can discrepancy formula be used in determination of LD?
  2. What are the issues in determining LD?
  3. When does LD become noticeable?
  4. What is LD?
  5. What is oligophrenia?
  6. What is Cumulative Cognitive Deficit (CCD)?
  7. What are typical cognitive, language, and educational Issues of IA children?
  8. Why do some IA children resist homework?
  9. Is retention a good idea for an IA child?
  10. How to create a learning rich environment for my preschooler?
  11. To promote or not to promote?
  12. What can be done about the frustrated child at school?
    Medical issues
  1. What does Failure to Thrive diagnosis imply?
  2. How significant is Failure to Thrive diagnosis for the future development of the child?
    Parenting of IA child
  1. What is artificial twinning?
  2. Will I be able to deal with the international adoption issues?
  3. How to deal with the child's lying?
  4. Why can't my child be my friend?
  5. What can I do about “picky eating” habits of my child?
  6. Which feeding problems should I expect in an adopted child?
  7. Where can I learn about parental techniques that would work with IA children?
  8. Can you give any advice on talking to a teenager?
  9. How can I foster a sense of well-being and security in my IA child?
  10. Are emotional support animals a therapeutic option?
  11. What extra-curriculum activity is best for an adopted child?
  12. How can I prepare the child for leaving the orphanage
    Remedial Methodologies
  1. How can SmartStart help cognitive development of an IA child?
  2. What is SmartStart Program about?
  3. Where can I read about Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes?
    School & Medical Records
  1. How to request the school to do an initial screening of an IA child in the native language?
  2. How to convince school to select a qualified professional for a comprehensive assessment?
  3. How to request speech/language services for my child?
  4. What info about my school age IA child should I bring from Russia?
  5. How to create useful video of a child for a pre-adoption evaluation?
  6. What are the typical outcomes of hearings and due process?
    School Placement & Services
  1. How to estimate school readiness of IA child?
  2. What test accommodations are available for an IA child?
  3. How to approach a residential placement of an IA child?
  4. When should I enroll my IA child in school?
  5. My Child Has an IEP - Now What?
  6. How important is an educational classification for obtaining services at school?
  1. What is Occupational therapy?
  2. What is Sensory Integration disorder?
  3. Will my child need OT?
  4. Can Music Therapy work for children with special needs?
  5. What are social pragmatic language deficits?