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Q: Does it affect the child if the parents are classified as having oligophrenia?
A:The degree of MR in parents is not known from your message. If both parents have MR, the probability of a child having it is statistically high (according to some publications, the chances are about 50%). Mental Retardation is not an inheritable disorder, that is if the mother has MR, it does not mean that her child will have MR. However, the chances are higher than in the general population. First, the genetic basis is weak, second, prenatal and postnatal care may be poor due to the mother's cognitive abilities. Add to this the possibility of the father having MR. We are talking about a higher than normal probability, but it is not a sure thing at all. You wrote: "Olga had significant delays when adopted, but has all but caught up except for expressive language (approximately 10 month delay) and some fine motor deficiency". I can tell you only that language and motor skills are the best indicators of the child's development at the age of three. However, it may be too early for any clinical prognosis.


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