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    New York State Psychologist License

    Arizona State Psychologist License

    New York State Certificate in School Psychology

    Arizona State Certificate in School Psychology

    New York City Bilingual School Psychologist License(Russian Language)

    NY State Bilingual Education Statement of Continued Eligibility for Bilingual Services

    National School Psychology Certification

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Dr. Gindis Answers the Questions

Here you will find the description of some tests, programs, and clinical cases on the subjects of psychological assessment and remediation of internationally adopted children:
SmartStart Program

Dynamic Assessment

BrightStart Curriculum

The focus and scope of my professional practice and research are children with an "atypical" background: those who are outside of the social/cultural mainstream, who were underserved, subjected to deprivation, maltreatment, and abuse in their early formative years: internationally adopted post-institutionalized children. My theoretical background is deeply rooted in the "Social-Cultural Activity Theory" formulated by L.S. Vygotsky.
Vygotsky Project, Publications on Vygotsky and the new course "Contemporary Bilingual Psycho-Educational Assessment in the Context of Vygotsky's Social-Cultural Activity Theory" for details.

I believe that contemporary psycho-educational assessment and remediation must be interdisciplinary, culturally inclusive, and technologically advanced. Following Vygotsky's appeal and in addition to existing tests and procedures for evaluating children's needs, I look for other ways and means of assessing and rehabilitating children.

I believe that developmental and school psychologists should be more involved in direct remedial services to students and am in the process of developing cognitive remedial programs for internationally adopted children with the background of early childhood institutionalization.

Brief Overview of the Biography

Boris Gindis, Ph.D. received his doctorate in developmental psychology at the Moscow Academic Research Institute of General and Educational Psychology and his postdoctoral training in School Psychology at the City University of New York. He is a licensed psychologist and a nationally certified bilingual (Russian/English) school psychologist. Dr. Gindis specializes in clinical work with children and research in the field of international adoption. He is the Chief Psychologist of the Center for Cognitive-Developmental Assessment and Remediation located in Nanuet, NY. The Center provides bilingual neuropsychological and psycho-educational evaluations and other services for internationally adopted children in cooperation with a network of bilingual mental health and education specialists.

Dr. Gindis is the principal instructor at the BGCenter Online School, where he teaches courses for parents of internationally adopted children and school and adoption agency professionals.

Dr. Gindis is the author of over 40 scientific articles and book chapters, has served as a guest-editor for psychology journals, and has been a keynote speaker at national and international conferences. He is a Full Professor (retired) and former Director of Bilingual Program at Touro College Graduate School of Education and Psychology.



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