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Vladimir Ageyev, Elena Bodrova, Seth Chaiklin, Anne DiPardo, Kieran Egan, Natalia Gajdamaschko, Hartmut Giest, Boris Gindis, Jacques Haenen, Yuriy V. Karpov, Alex Kozulin, James P. Lantolf, Carol D. Lee, Deborah J. Leong, Carol S. Lidz, Joachim Lompscher, Holbrook Mahn, Suzanne M. Miller, Carolyn P. Panofsky, Pedro R. Portes, Christine Potter, Jean Schmittau, Hubert Schrijnemakers, Job Stufkens,
Jennifer A. Vadeboncoeur, Galina Zuckerman

Alex Kozulin
"The book has two major objectives.
First, to present Vygotskian educational theory in a systematic and comprehensive way that is user friendly on one hand, and dispels many popular
misconceptions regarding this theory on the other.

Second, to provide educational researcher with concrete examples of classroom application on
Vygotskian theory".

Boris Gindis
"Within the last two decades or so, we have witnessed emerging educational practices based on Vygotsky’s theory. In this volume, we made an attempt to bridge Vygotsky's scientific legacy with educational and remedial practices that have become embedded into the cultural milieu.
I hope that this book not only contributes to a knowledge base of Vygotsky's ideas, but also influences the mindset of the practitioners in the field: teachers, psychologists, school administrators, remedial specialists".

Vladimir Ageyev
"This book is a serious attempt to bridge together modern cross-cultural psychology and multicultural education with the Vygotskian sociocultural approach.

I hope it will become a good resource for a number of courses dedicated not only to Lev Vygotsky himself, but to a much broader range of cultural issues in education, as well."

Suzanne Miller

"This is the cutting-edge, comprehensive book on Vygotsky's theory and practice that I was looking for (and could not find) when I began teaching a course called Sociocultural Views of Instruction and Learning a few years ago.
I'm so glad it now exists."



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